Title: Second Chance
Artist: Shinedown
Album: The Sound of Madness (Deluxe Version)
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Tell my mother, tell my father
I’ve done the best I can to make them realize
this is my life. I hope they understand
I’m not angry, I’m just saying…
sometimes goodbye is a second chance
Title: Kiss Me
Artist: The Fray

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Kiss Me (Cover) | The Fray
Kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
Silver moon’s sparkling
So kiss Me

I heard the first line and gasped. like for real and now I’m crying

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[ oh my god. a thing that’s all my own. i’d like to thank the academy. not only god but also jesus. my parents for making me. ]


Title: Loud Pipes
Artist: Ratatat
Album: Classics
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                                          art by etmecheall

it has been a really emotional and thrilling week/month and, 200 followers later, i’ve become so so invested in vilkas and all the relationships he’s cultivated, as well as all the fucking glorious friends i’ve made here.  writing is my escape, and you’ve all made this such a wonderful haven for me, so thank you.  [ taps mic ]  this one’s for all the muses and muns out there who rock my world.


ursiines ;;  once upon a time, i wrote on a daario naharis blog, and sweet t came barrelling into my life with a character full of life and spunk and joy and, lo and behold, a pacific rim au.  basically, from that point on, my life was a million times better and everything was great.  Things Happened and we dropped out of life in general, only to come back to more Great Things.  i think she might actually be the strongest and most inspiring person i know.  beautiful on the inside and out, someone i really really love and adore      and already ursine is, like, stealing everyone’s hearts and then mashing them up for stew.  because we’re all her potatoes.  every single one of us. bless

             ( aka coolest people in this joint)

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— i have a good few messages (that i wasn’t notified about) in my inbox that i need to answer, so i should probs get on my laptop. maybe. i could nap more.