— when you revive your first tumblr muse, only to most likely regret it in the morning.


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              ;; I have made a promise that I´d make a follow forever once I´d hit 1,000 folowers but I´m lazy & I already have 1,300+ followers so yeah — forgive me . Also , as you all know , or most of all , I´ve changed accounts so having this many followers beautiful souls following me in such a sort period of time it´s like WOOW an honor . I just wanna let you all know that I love every single one of you , be the ones that only stalk me from afar & simply like my posts or the ones who have to deal with me on a daily basis , because honestly this wouldn´t be the same without you , guys . I can´t put here everyone because I´d take me 12345678987 years but I want you to know that even if you are not here I love you & you are worth all the good things in the whole uniVERSE  ♥ ♥ ♥ xoxoxoxoxo

             P.S; bolded urls are my fave or usually the ones I talk with the most . /talicized urls are the ones I stalk & would really love to rp with. :********


WIFEY —> Kika , my beautiful wifey , you are my person & you will always be my person . I love you with all of my heart & god I don´t think that I can make this without you anymore . We have known each other for a quite long time now & still I don´t know how you are not tired of me , I mean , I kinda of know why —- you are totally obsessed with me & i´m fab . JK , we are just made for each other & i feel blessed for having had this chance of meeting you & become a part of your life , like you´ve become mine . You make me smile , laugh & just be happy everytime we talk , you are the only one able to make me feel better when i´m in a bad mood & I love you for that & so much more . I love you so fucking much , pizza ♥ :3

FAB TWERKER —> Baby, when they look up at the sky , we’ll be shooting stars just passing by , you’ll be coming home with me tonight & we’ll be burning up like neon lightsssssssssssssssssssssO L G A , you are the worst friend in the whole world & I fucking hate you more than anythingggg :”) Ok , I was just going to insult the hell out of you but i´m going to actually do this for real . I love you , kinda of . You are so freaking weird & crazy & that´s exactly why i love you , because you are different from everyone — you make me question why I even talk to you bc DAMN you made me be even more weird than what i am . Like , THANK YOU , really . You are also good at sex & you have gr10 beebs or should I say olbiesssssss & well , u just have gr10 everything ok , you very bEAUTIFUL woow i was actually nice . OK , so — pls never change who you are for anyone ‘kay ?? kEEP BEING WEIRD#neon lights #loya sex #loya #wannabebitch #sexy grandmah #twerk #fab twerker #bITCH #deminudes #fOOD #foodninjaaaa #staystrong :33  —- YOUR SEXY GRANDMAH . XOXO . ily shh .

SAMMY AKA MY BITCH —> Muahahahahah . You know why that evil laugh is there . U fucking know it . Ok , so basically our relationship is pretty much like our muses relationship as well . She freaking loves me more than sex but she refuses to admit it . WELL , WHAT CAN I DO ? Also , it´s okay u can admit it bc i´m about to admit it too , I love you sammy boo like sooo much ! Our weird , crazy , threatening , evil , funny conversations make my day bc omg i swear to god i can´t do other thing than laugh my stomach out . You are , with no doubt , one of the most funnier person I´ve ever meet in my whole life , also one of the most silly bitches ever . I can still remember everything we´ve been through over this long months , & when I look back I don´t wish it was anybody else in your place bc , after all , you gave me a chance to be myself . I just love you so much & uh , never give up on what makes you happy , ‘kay??? I LOVE YOU . ——> your evil nogtisune ;)

LOG —> LOG LOG LOG LOG , no matter what you say or do I´ll always call you that , because I love to piss you off just as much Stiles loves to make Jason horny ;) *evil smirk* Sooo , my blue cupcake , I love you so much even tho most of the times , if not always , I just say that I hate you . But I don´t . You´re like a best friend to me & I wish you all the best in your life . I really want you to know that you are really talented & such a fucking amazing writer also a loser but that´s just who you are . God , we have been rping & stuff for a loooong time now , to the point where I can honestly say I´m tired of you . ( JK ) . I just really hate the fact that our timezones suck or otherwise you´d have to put up with me & Stiles most of your precious time , calling you log & making ur life an eternal hell . But , yeah , you love me so that´s all okay . You´ll always be my fave virgin .


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    -- I probably forgot someone because I´m a butt , but I love you all I promise . ♥ #LoseYourMind xoxo

didn’t take a picture yesterday, so you guys get frizzy after-shower hair.

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║░ “— Being possessed sounds like a good excuse.

              I have no idea what came over me—— sorry.”

                    “—— you look different.
                     Why d’you look different?”

            [ so maybe he was a little s l o w right now ;
              you can hardly blame him. lunar eclipses
              can go fuck off. ]



║░ “———Does this look like fungus to you?

                    “———— are you possessed?”